Some photographs and videos from the grading on Saturday 13th March 2004

White and orange belts demonstrate basics and one step attacks to Sensei Fanner and Sensei Fowler
Red, yellow and purple belts demonstrate basic techniques
Red and yellow belts demonstrate their kata


Purple and brown belts demonstrate basics and one step kumite
The grading is over and the Karate-ka await the results!
New grades are awarded along with a new belt
After another successful grading the karate-ka line up with certificates and new belts

Video of highlights from the grading

Note: the videos may take a number of minutes to download and run. You need to download a media player that will play AVI format files, such as Apple Quicktime Player:-
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Video 1 - kyu grades demonstrate keiagi geri.

Video 2 - kyu grades demonstrate three step kumite

Video 3 - red, yellow and green belts demonstrate mawashi geri

Video 4 - Habiba demonstrates Kata Heian Yondan

Video 5 - senior kyu grades demonstrate one step kumite

Video 6 - Hanna demonstrates kata Tekki Shodan

Video 7 - Sensei Fowler assists Andy Selwood with brown belt Kumite